‘When embracing the power of our voice to name our needs & desires we bloom, allowing us to authentically BE.’ - Mélanie Lapointe

Blooming Eloquence is a unique consultancy, working with its clients to tailor practical experiences, delivering long-lasting results using innovative tools & methods, encouraging all its client to BEcome their BEst self.

Shakespeare's “To be or not to be” is the ultimate question. Blooming Eloquence invites everyone to BE, embracing their BEautiful self, potential & unicity, actively BEing & contributing to  humanity.

Blooming Eloquence strongly BElieve one’s voice is one’s ability to bloom. The power of choice is ours at every given moment, we hold this unique force to act positively & meaningfully towards our goals & what we believe to BE important. Each of us contribute an impact to the world, let it BE superb & inspiring.

Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder
— Rumi



Coaching for Success

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth
— John Whitmore

Individual & Team Coaching are in rising popularity & demands. Blooming Eloquence offers 1to1 & Group Coaching accompanying clients in their transformational process of mindset & skillset change for an improved reality.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will require people to be more human than ever, living their values & contributing their senses to their everyday choices & actions. Businesses will need to develop their culture of work with strong identity, build their community to constantly support & empower their people. Our only edge over AI & Automation will forever be our humanity, our unique potential as humans to personify values & embrace purpose through our sensible choices based on emotions.

Through Coaching, people experiment the opportunity to look inward, identify strengths & objectives, revise priorities & current realities, define action plans to get moving into achieving goals & celebrating new successes.


Intercultural Agility

Speak a new language so that the world becomes a new world
— Rumi

Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) is a combination of the insights, competencies, attitudes & behaviors that enable people to assess intercultural situations accurately, in order to engage effectively with the world around us. The relationships between one's culture, their colleagues' culture, company culture & national culture will make better sense & learning what to do with that information, as well as developing the competencies to think & act appropriately will prove powerful.

This ingenious training is groundbreaking as it allows to develop great intercultural teams,  to help capitalize the diversity rather than focusing on the differences. Designed with KnowledgeWorkx tools & methods, who developed unique lenses & models of cultural interaction, the program is suitable for individuals & teams, offered in a variety of format. The tools make it possible to pull an understanding of culture into our practical day-to-day operations, through attitudes & behavior shift for the great benefit of thriving in our interconnected world.


Women Recognition Programs

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself
— Coco Chanel

Blooming Eloquence believes all working systems to be balanced through a fragile equilibrium of masculine & feminine forces. Recognizing women’s place in our circles is vital for a more caring, generous & inclusive world, in which all are recognized for their own unique abilities. Gender Equality is United Nations Goal #5 on the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 & states that ‘Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous & sustainable world.’

Blooming Eloquence supports women initiatives through a variety of programs & workshops, customised to the reality & needs of its participants:

  • #IamRemarkable - A Google global initiative encouraging women & under-represented groups to find their voice, breaking modesty norms & glass ceiling in the business world & beyond

  • Returning at work moms accompanying programs

  • Coaching & Mentoring specifically for professional women wanting to move their career forward

  • Professional Development programs targeted for women on presentation skills, executive presence, resilience, life-work balance, wellbeing, etc.

  • Unconscious Bias towards gender: A workshop for MEN - Talking about equity, men need to be aware & involved for a common effort


Customized Training Design & Delivery

You cannot solve problems with the same mindset that created them
— Albert Einstein

Blooming Eloquence is happy to design & facilitate Professional Development sessions for you & your team, coming on-board as an external consultant for your special projects to assist your team development for improved performance. With a strong background in education & training, Blooming Eloquence is flexible & innovative, taking pride in delivering fun, engaging & top quality professional trainings, offering relevant solutions for long-lasting commitment & practice shift.



A world in which each individual is inspired to live with purpose, confidently BEing their BEst self, contributing positively to the BEauty of humanity.


Blooming Eloquence strongly believes that each individual is gifted with unique potential. The extraordinary power of living truly lies within each of us. Blooming Eloquence is passionate about helping people & our planet, taking action in the present for a lasting blooming effect.  

We live in an ever changing world where more & more people are losing touch with themselves, easily feeling disconnected from their social circles & heritage. Relying on external factors or technology to create a sense of belonging can contribute into growing even greater distance & isolation. Humankind evolved within supportive communities, sharing common values & principles. Blooming Eloquence believes it is vital for our happiness to live in alignment with what we consider precious, hence the importance of reconnecting with our true self.  

Blooming Eloquence offer costumised Coaching & Training programs,  supporting desiring individuals & businesses with a variety of tailored tools for clients to experience serious endeavour to reveal their true self. Answering the questions: Who am I? What do I want for my life? Who do I want to be in the world? is a powerful step Blooming Eloquence encourages people to take. There to inspire, encourage & support its clients to become their best self  Blooming Eloquence is helping them to understand their values, their purpose & helping them define how they can contribute to society.  

Blooming Eloquence plays its part in making the world a better place serving people & our planet. Blooming Eloquence proudly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030, with a special effort on Goal #4 Quality Education, Goal #5 Gender Equality, Goal #13 Responsible Consumption & Production, Goal#15 Life on Land, through volunteering work & Blooming Eloquence sustainable choices & daily practices.


Blooming Eloquence is passionate about helping & inspiring people to become their BEst self, believing that encouraging all to care about themselves, others & their communities will lead all of us to better care for the world. Encouraging people to embrace their authenticity is the optimism driving Blooming Eloquence daily actions.


Blooming Eloquence believes in the power of a supportive tribe. We are better & stronger together is a motto nourishing the belief that relationships based on solid grounds can help all of us rise & shine greatly. When humans unite, real shift can unfold. The power of choice, the power of collective effort can lead to marvellous change at the individual & business level.


Blooming Eloquence has a genuine commitment to high standards for ethical & honest practices, honouring the power of choice. Being constantly presented with opportunities for actions in the now that will ripple positive contributions in the future, Blooming Eloquence takes pride in meaningful daily efforts supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Planet - People - Present are three key irreplaceable essential assets contributing to our everyday life, their value is honoured through sustainably sensible choices.


About Mélanie

Mélanie Lapointe is a Global Citizen on a mission to make the world a better place, encouraging more equitable and sustainable behaviours for enhanced human interactions and improved business practices. Passionate  with a sparkling personality, Mélanie’s path is experienced and sophisticated, her entrepreneurial profile driven by her strong sense of self-reliance and goal-oriented hardworking personality.

Mélanie’s journey as a Coach for Success and Facilitator is influenced by her genuine care for others' well-being. When her clients blossom living up to their full potential by being their best selves after arduous efforts motivated by a genuine desire to change, Mélanie’s sense of purpose is confirmed. Registered as a Freelancer with Dubaï Knowledge Park, Mélanie is a well rounded professional with a stellar education including a Masters in Business Management and a Teaching Degree in addition to her Coaching Certification from an ICF accredited Coaching Academy with a specialized Inter-Cultural Agility Coaching Certification from KnowledgeWorkx. With a strong background in Educational Leadership which she practiced in Canada, Spain, Morocco, Turkey and Dubaï over the past 10 years, Mélanie uses her impactful facilitating skills for various audiences and her genuine love of sharing to inspire meaningful long-lasting changes with positive impact. Per her Network Leader position at Tellal Institute for GEMS Education, she contributed to the Professional Development of 100+ educators. Mélanie delivers her Coaching & Training in French and English, in person or virtually, and takes great pride counting Alliance Française Dubaï, Zen Yoga Dubaï,  Société Générale, Oman Insurance Company, Landmark Group & Entrepreneur Middle East as Blooming Eloquence’s customers.  

Committed to her passion, encouraging a world in which each individual is inspired to live with purpose confidently being their best self, contributing positively to the beauty of humanity,  Mélanie is an accomplished and respected professional, contributing many roles to her community. Featured as the most International External Facilitator for 2019 Q1 by Google, Mélanie is an ambassador for  #IamRemarkable empowering women and under-represented groups to find their voice. Associate of Marmalade Fish, Mélanie contributes to bring humanity back to business through the lense of culture & values. With a distinguished sense of etiquette, Mélanie always works to the highest standard with ethical and culturally respectful approaches.  Board Member for E7 Daughters of the Emirates and active member of Dubaï Business Women Council, giving back to the community contributing skills and knowledge is dear to her as she values the benefits of strong supportive networks. Applying the mantra 'Keep your head, heels and standards high' by Coco Chanel in all her work, she is hoping to inspire others find their own motto for an improved world in which humanity is at the heart of every practice. 

Mélanie is Dubaï based since 2015, globetrotteur she  is available and flexible to travel. Foodie, she is always keen on meeting over coffee, in person or virtually, to connect and discuss opportunities. Get in touch! 

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